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October 15 Setlist


Good evening, fine fellow music lovers.  It’s been awhile since the last post.  That’s because Life is a demanding mistress and I couldn’t quite help it.

But I’ve been listening to some great music lately and I really thought you should be involved in some of the great musical decisions I’ve been making.  So, here’s a playlist!  Enjoy, ladies and gents!  Also, let me know what you’re listening to right now.  I’d love to hear!

Here’s the playlist on Spotify and on Grooveshark (but seriously, why aren’t you on Spotify?).

Allyson's Setlist

October 15 Setlist

And here are the songs individually.  Just in case you don’t have the time to listen to a well crafted playlist.  Whatever.  I’m not offended.

“Honey Come Home” by The Head and the Heart

“Let Your Heart Hold Fast” by Fort Atlantic

“Broken Piano” by Frank Turner

“Dead Hearts” by Stars

“Nothing Better” by The Postal Service

“Tiny Cities Made of Ashes” by Modest Mouse

“Loot My Body” by Man Man

Let me know what shows you’re going to!  I’d love to hear and be envious (if warranted, of course).

PS: Here’s a pic from The National concert on Friday (October 11) at the Starlight in Kansas City.  It was pretty great.

The National

The National at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City, MO

Weekly Setlist – September 16


Hello dear ones.  It’s been too long since I’ve given you new music to enjoy.  So, have some!

Also, I’ve failed to put up the dance card for September.  To be fair, it might be because I haven’t gone to any shows this month because I couldn’t really find any in the area that I wanted to see.  I mean, Frank Turner in Lawrence, KS would have been nice, but I have a 8-5 job now, so it’s not as easy to get away during the work week (the concert’s tomorrow night).

But it could also be because October is going to be such a fantastic month.  The first week of October alone I have two shows.  Antennas Up on October 4th, and Tommy & the High Pilots on October 7th.  That’s pretty serious business, you know?

But I digress.  Here’s the setlist for tonight on Spotify and on Grooveshark.

And if you want to look at the songs by themselves:

“It Started With A Mixx” by Los Campesinos!

“Generator ^ First Floor” by Freelance Whales

“I Got No Time For You” by Yellow Ostrich

“Let’s Talk About Spaceships” by Say Hi To Your Mom

“A Girl, A Boy, and A Graveyard” by Jeremy Messersmith

“These Few Presidents” by Why?

“Ivory Road” by King Charles

Look for October’s calendar this week.  I’ve decided you all need a heads-up for the awesome things that should be happening next month.

Good night, lovelies!

KDRU – Feb. 22 Show


Good evening.  I hope you’re all excited about life in general.  I know I am.

Thank you most sincerely to the people listening to my weekly radio show at Drury.  You are paragons of good taste (and/or we’re friends and you feel sorry for me…let’s go with the first one).  For those of you not listening, it’s cool.  Whatever.  No big deal.  I’m just really disappointed and am tearing up a bit.  You should rectify this problem by listening to the show next Wednesday from 11:30-1:30.  It streams here.

I’ll also be on The Weekly Buzz this Friday morning, letting everyone know about some awesome concerts coming their way.  Be sure to listen in.  It’s at 8:30, and I’m pretty sure my voice is an awesome thing to wake up to.  Or so I hear.

Anywho. Here are some of the songs that were played.  I’m not giving a comprehensive list.  I mean, where’s the fun in that?  If, however, you heard a song and want to know more about it, feel free to contact me.

KDRU - Feb. 22

Oh, and the new Fun. album came out yesterday.  I got my bundle in the mail today.  It included this shirt:

Fun. Some Nights shirt...yeah, those are the lyrics to the entire album scrawled in the background. Awesome.

And I am now working on the next installment of Paste Magazine’s Top 50 Albums of 2011.  Yeah, it’s taking awhile, but man there are a lot of albums.  Be patient, young grasshopper, and keep yer eyes peeled.

Weekly Setlist – Jan. 12


Good evening, cubs.  It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter.  With that in mind, tonight’s playlist is very cold friendly.  Listen to it while you’re reclining on a chaise, sipping tea out of your good china and watching snow flake gently against your window…I wish I was that classy.  Also, you sound like a snob.  And that monocle looks ridiculous.  Just so you know.

Anyway, here’s the playlist.

Jan. 12 Setlist. I really can't draw straight lines, can I?

Here’s the playlist on Spotify and Grooveshark.

And, big surprise, here are the individual songs.

“First Day Of My Life” by Bright Eyes

“New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” by LCD Soundsystem

“Love Vigilante” by Iron & Wine

“Tiny Vessels” by Death Cab For Cutie

“Say Yes” by Elliott Smith

“Casimir Pulaski Day” by Sufjan Stevens

“Blood Bank” by Bon Iver

And, before I let you go completely, I have a couple of announcements:

1.  Tomorrow I will announce the next contest.  Hope you’ve been practicing your Googling skills.  You’ll need them.

2.  I’m almost done listening to 1/5 of Paste Magazine’s Best 50 Albums of 2011.  It’s a daunting task, and I can report that I’ve lost only a few soldiers thus far.  On the whole, I think they were weak and had no taste, so they were no great loss.  I’ll keep you abreast of any further developments.  Full report will be given on Saturday.

Now, have a wonderful evening and try to stay warm…unless you like being cold.  Maybe I should have said, have a wonderful evening and try to stay happy.

That’s better.

Weekly Setlist – Jan. 7


I have behaved so shamefully.  I’m not certain I can still look you in the text.

I’ve been horribly lax in my posting, and I blame the holidays.  But, I’ve also set a goal for myself that’s taking some doing.

I’m listening to Paste Magazine’s Top 50 Albums of 2011.  It has been a disappointing, awe-inspiring and brilliantly ridiculous time thus far.  I’m loving some of the albums, hating others, and indifferenting most.  Don’t worry.  Once I’ve listened to them enough, I’ll let you know what’s worth giving a listen.

Because I care.

And here are the playlists you delightful viewers should have been privy to this past week (and the week before…I’m not perfect).

January 7a Setlist. I can't draw a straight line. Also, this photo turned inexplicably blurry. You can deal with it.

Here’s the playlist on Spotify and Grooveshark.  And the individual songs are below.  Highly recommend the Cloud Cult song.

“The Luckiest” by Ben Folds

“Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time” by Los Campesinos!

“The Gambler” by Fun.

“Please” by Ludo

“Problem Solver” by Ha Ha Tonka

“As Long As You’re Happy” by Cloud Cult

“Catch & Release” by Silversun Pickups

And the second playlist:

Jan. 7b Setlist. This one only has 6 songs. Due to the length of the song titles (amusingly mirrored by the length of the actual song), I didn't go to 7. Also, this photo managed to be blurry as well...c'est la vie.

Here’s the playlist on Spotify and Grooveshark.  And here are the individual songs (you should listen to Dracula’s Daughter for a laugh, though it’s probably best to go to one of the playlists…not sold on the video below):

“1940 (AmpLive Remix)” by The Submarines

“Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John

“Dracula’s Daughter” by Colin Meloy

“Suicide Demo For Kara Walker” by Destroyer

“Boeing 737” by The Low Anthem

“Werewolf (On The Hood Of Yer Heartbreak)” by Man Man

And that’s that.  Also, I saw a couple of awesome people get married today.  It was beautiful.  Congratulations, Thomas and Shelby!

PS: A new contest will be announced soon…be prepared.

Weekly Setlist – Dec. 24


Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

I’m sure you all are busy doing whatever it is you’re doing.  Here’s a setlist for you to play should you find yourself wrapping presents at the last minute.

Christmas Eve Setlist

Here’s the playlist on Spotify and Grooveshark (NOTE: “One Foot” by Fun. is not available on the Grooveshark playlist).

And here are the individual songs just in case you have no time to listen to all of it.

“Poor In Love” by Destroyer

“One More Night (Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead)” by Stars

“Perth” by Bon Iver

“Close Every Valve To Your Bleeding Heart” by Ha Ha Tonka

“Isn’t It A Lovely Night?” by The Decemberists

“Sleeping In” by The Postal Service

“One Foot” by Fun.

I’ve definitely decided that I like the new Fun. song, by the way.  So you should definitely listen to “One Foot.”

And, because I want to make you all insanely jealous, I got a Christmas present from one of my brothers that is amazingly awesome.

South Wood Shops Giclee Print by Carson Ellis

Yeah.  The above is one of a hundred original prints by Carson Ellis SIGNED and NUMBERED by the artist.  For those of you unfortunate enough to not know who Carson Ellis is, she is a brilliant artist.  Her work is eclectic, ranging from illustrating a Lemony Snicket book to being the resident artist for The Decemberists.  You can check her out here.

And my brother was smart enough to realize that this would rock my world.  Success!

And, with that, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  You’ll be hearing from me later.

Weekly Setlist – Dec. 15


Good evening, darlings.  Is everyone (assuming you’re still in school) done with finals?  If you’re not, I laugh at you.  If you are, I congratulate you.  Sorry, people still agonizing over tests and whatnot.  It’s the way of the world.

But you know what might make studying and test-taking a bit easier?  This playlist.

December 15 Setlist

Here is the playlist on Spotify and Grooveshark (“This Is Not A Song” by Islands is unavailable on the Grooveshark playlist).  And, for you folks too important to listen to the playlist as the creator intended, here are the songs on YouTube:

“You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son” by Wolf Parade

“Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells*

“Romantic Comedy” by Stars

“Sun And Water” by Absent Elk

“This Is Not A Song” by Islands

“Our Smallest Adventures” by I Was A Cub Scout

“Oh Comely” by Neutral Milk Hotel

And that’s all I have for you tonight, kids.  Other than to remind you to enter the best album title contest.  I have some pretty great entries in thus far, and the poll is closed for new entries on Saturday at noon.  Don’t you want to know what the best album title is?  Don’t you think you know better than any of the other people who read this blog?  You probably do.  You should probably enter to prove it.

Good night and good luck!

*Thank you, Jimmy Proszek, for putting this song on the Christmas mix you made me.  It was real great.  That applies to the entire mix.  Check out Jimmy and his random awesomeness here.