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Some Young Animal – Lemon Drop: October 8


Band: Some Young Animal

Venue: Lemon Drop

Location: Springfield, MO

Tickets: Free

Date: 10-8-11

Some Young Animal. Sabrina slays a song while Houston stares into the great unknown.

Hello dumplings.  My apologies for making you face the world without me these past few days.  Here’s a song for your troubles.

So.  Here’s what I learned this weekend.  Saxophones aren’t used enough. Period. So imagine my surprise and pleasure at seeing a group with a sax player in the band. Not touring with. Not for a couple of songs. But IN the band. It was pretty cool.

Some Young Animal is a local group, consisting of:

Houston Ussery: Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Bass

Sabrina Deets: Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Nathan Gamel: Vocals, Drums, Guitar

Ryan Dunn: Saxophone.

They have an intensely easy presence on stage, and their music is a treat to listen to. Maybe I’m just a sucker for horns, but this type of soulful folksy music is a welcome change from the ordinary.

I really think that Some Young Animal could be at the forefront of something important in the music world. Their music is different, uncomplicated and enjoyable to listen to.

You can check them out here, though it appears they haven’t uploaded any of their music yet.  I recorded some of it (not the best quality), and will be uploading it shortly so you can get a better idea of what they sound like.  Sorry for the lack of info on them, but that’s how you know they’re cool, right?  Because you can’t find their stuff anywhere, and all you know is what you hear in whispers on street corners and what you read on bathroom stalls.  Go on this mad adventure to discover their music with me.  It’ll be worth it.

Unless your friend eats all the fruit snacks before we get to the concert again.  That’s just discourteous.

 Concert: B+

Venue: A+*

Drink Prices: N/A

Audience: A

Overall: A-

*I highly recommend seeing bands at Lemon Drop’s free block parties.  The street’s closed off, the people are cool, and the band banters with all of Commercial Street.  The atmosphere is artistic in a very welcoming sort of way.  It was a great experience.

Weekly Setlist – October 6


If you haven’t already heard my little pumpkins, October’s theme song is “Autumn Beds” by Modest Mouse. It seems to perfectly encapsulate the month of changing seasons, changing leaves, the color orange…and it was the only song I could think of with “October” in it.  If you think of any others I should’ve used, please feel free to scoff at/mock me.  Or commend my excellent taste in music.

This week’s setlist goes out to everyone who seems to be doing way too much lately.  Remember, all work and no play makes everyone dull homo sapiens.  So, listen to October 6’s setlist, kick back, and let the music speak.


October 6 Setlist

Listen to the playlist at Grooveshark.


Listen to the playlist on Spotify.

Note: “I’ll Be My Mirror” is only available on the Grooveshark playlist, and “Things You Think” is only available on YouTube (so follow the link below).

Good night, y’all.


1. “Don’t Carry It All” by The Decemberists

2. “I’ve Got It All (Most)” by Modest Mouse

3. “We Are Young” by Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe

4. “Battle Cry” by Ludo

5. “Lisztomania” by Phoenix

6. “I’ll Be My Mirror” by 8in8

7. “Knee Deep At ATP” by Los Campesinos!

8. “Things You Think” by Ben Folds ft. Pomplamoose


Antennas Up – Springfield, MO: Outland Ballroom, August 23


Band: Antennas Up

Venue: Outland Ballroom

Location: Springfield, MO

Tickets: $3

Date: 8-23-11

“Hey Kyle, I’m sure you don’t remember me but…”

“You’re Allyson, right?”

“…you’ve made my night.”

Left to right: Jonny Universe (AU), Me, Kyle Akers (AU), Friend, and Tom Cantillon (Tommy & the High Pilots).

Kyle remembered me. *squeal* I mean…whatever.  No big deal.  I don’t, like, listen to them or anything.  It’s not like I own merchandise or proudly display Antennas Up buttons on my purse.  That’d be lame.

Okay.  But seriously.  Kyle remembered me from the first time I saw Antennas Up (April 26, 2011).  And from the constant Tweets.  And the questions I ask them on their FanBridge…you know what?.  It’s actually not surprising he knows me.  I should be getting a restraining order in the mail any day now.

The beginning conversation is a real one that took place between yours truly and Kyle Akers, lead vocalist and bassist for Antennas Up.  Yeah.  That was a magical night.  I talked to Kyle about “Doctor Who”, I talked to Bo McCall (guitar/vocal) about books, I talked to Jonny Universe (guitar/keys/vocal) about fish scales used for cosmetic enhancement, and I talked to The Ryantist (drums/vocals) about…actually nothing.  But he looked really cool and mysterious the entire evening.

The first time I saw AU live was also the first time I had ever heard their music.  I was impressed.  I bought their album for $3 (they have it at concerts on a “pay what you want” basis), and listened to it the next day on the road.  The quirkiness was there, the music was there, but nothing could compare to the energetic and hyper show these guys put on.  They’re not even crazy on stage (though I wouldn’t call them sedate).  It’s just that the vibe you get from them in person is that they’re human but are serious about robots.  I don’t know if there’s a higher compliment.

What I’m saying is, these guys are really special.  And, if you appreciate nerdy things as much as I do, they’re fantastic.  Listen to 5p3c35h1p and try and keep a straight face.  Try really hard.  Go down swinging.

Hilarious?  I think so.  Weird?  Even more so.  Now.  Try and get it out of your head.  Good luck.

And don’t get me started on “Outta Sight”…

“I’m a spaceship.  I’m a spaceship.  I’m a spaceship.  I’m a spaceship.  I’m a spaceship.  I’m a spaceship. —> ∞” [“Outta Sight” from Antennas Up]

Maybe it’s just me, but every time I hear that part of the song, I purse my lips, attempt to look fierce and do a weird Mr. Krabs-esque dance from side to side, complete with hands shaped into claws.  I’m not sure why.  It just feels right.

So, check them out.  Follow them on the Tweet Machine.!/antennasup Like them on the Face Book. Subscribe to their FanBridge or surf their site. Or just listen to their music.  It’s worth it.

Signed show poster - Signatures from Tommy & the High Pilots, Antennas Up and Heypenny.

And this, ladies and gents, is my show poster from the concert.  Oh, what’s that you say?  There’s a random lipstick mark near the top?  How odd…it’s almost like I didn’t have a pen, so I laughingly suggested to Jonny Universe that he put on my lipstick and kiss the poster to leave his mark AND HE DID.  But, no.  That couldn’t have happened.

[Hint: It totally did.]

And now.  The grade report.

Concert: A

Venue: B*

Drink Prices: A

Audience: A-

Overall: A

PS: If you listen to them and really like them, keep an eye out for their new album.  I’ve only heard a few new songs, and they haven’t completely left my head for a thousand years.

*For story on Outland’s low grade, see