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Best Band Shirt Contest Results


I know I said 7ish for the results.  But, in my defense, I had to print some business cards, wash my hair and watch TV.  Vital things, people.  Oh, and if you haven’t listened to “Hello Sadness” by Los Campesinos! yet…do it.  For real.  This album is rocking my world AND I’M ONLY ON THE THIRD SONG.  Don’t worry, chicks.  An album review will be forthcoming.

But, before I get to excited talking about Los Campesinos! and my desire to stalk them and squeal like a little girl when I meet them, let’s get back to the contest.

The contest has come full circle (please hear that last sentence in a Darth Vader voice…it’s necessary).  And there is, as it turns out, a decisive winner.  But first, the up-runners:


Tying for 5th place:

Sleigh Bells and Linkin Park.

The Sleigh Bells shirt, entered by Jimmy Proszeck:

“I chose it because I think music should reflect pop culture, even if it feeds on itself, which actually happens a lot.  So I chose the Sleigh Bells jersey because it parodies the old Chicago Bulls jersey basketball legend Michael Jordan wore.”

Oddly enough, I picked the shirt for the poll for the same reason that Jimmy picked it.  I liked the throwback to Jordan’s jersey.

The Linkin Park shirt was entered by Ashley Gatlin, but she was unavailable for comment (Note: I love saying that.  Unfortunately, she left her phone in Chicago in an attempt to evade my desperate attempts to reach her.  I find this rude and shall immortalize that rudeness here.  The perfect revenge!).

I picked the shirt because I loved the little video game-esque people on it.  Made me giggle.

In 4th place:

Mister Heavenly.

The Mister Heavenly shirt, entered by Nicole Montgomery:

“The pineapple skinned Noriega, cause he had the nickname Pineapple…face?  Something like that.  For his acne scars.  So, clever, clever shirt.”

I picked it because I thought it looked fun.  After reading what Nicole sent me, I realized that I picked it for all the wrong reasons.  I have been put ever so in my place.

In 3rd place:

Tommy & The High Pilots.

The Tommy & The High Pilots shirt, entered by Brett Zeiler:

“[I picked it] because I knew you liked the shirt and it would give me the best odds of making it to the final poll.”

Yeah.  He pandered.  Did it work?  Yeah.  But only because the shirt is really sweet.  Oh, and have I mentioned that I’m going to a Tommy & The High Pilots concert this Friday?  I have?  Well, just thought I’d remind you.

And now.  The moment most of you probably didn’t bother reading through the post to see…the runner-up is:

Regina Spektor.

The Regina Spektor shirt, entered by Katie Rauhoff:

“1. The shirt “name” is “No Surprises”
2. The proceeds of the shirt go to help Doctors Without Borders. Regina Spektor sold it at a Haiti Relief concert and continues to sell it for the cause of helping the good doctors.AND
3. The person with an unusual head is reading a book. YAY reading!
PS-The name is also a Radiohead song, “No Surprises” I like that it combines two musical talents.”

I loved this shirt.  I mean, who sees shirts like that ever?  Also, it was a refreshing change from some of the more bandcentric shirts on the poll.  Of course, knowing that the shirt was named for a Radiohead song makes the winner that more fortuitous…

In 1st Place:


Radiohead Shirt, taken by Sherrie G., available at her Flickr.

The Radiohead shirt, entered by James Strickland:

“I picked [it] because it was a) clever, what with it being a cover for a body, (b) being rainbow tape for the In Rainbows shirt and (c) the running computer HTML language love affair.”

Have to admit, this was my favorite shirt on the poll, so I’m delighted that you all voted in accordance with my wishes.  I mean, it’s SO clever.  And adorable.  I would wear that shirt.  In fact, I’m currently lusting after it.

Congratulations, James!  You win the $10 iTunes gift card!  Huzzah!

And with that, I wish you a good evening.  And take heart, lovelies.  There will be another contest announced soon.  I have too much fun with these.

Oh, wait!  One more thing.  Did I tell you about the Tommy & The High Pilots concert happening this week in St. Louis.  Yeah.  IN YOUR FACE (unless you made the right decision and are going…then you’re cool and we’ll hang out later).  G’night!